Microsoft Designer (DALL-E 2) Fun Times

MS Designer seglade våren 2023 upp som ett alternativ för AI-bilder, där jag i den ursprungliga versionen av nedanstående bloggpost använde Microsoft Designer och DALL-E 2 för att skapa häftiga motiv i samspråk med mina barn. Nu (november 2023) har jag uppdaterat inlägget på så vis att samma prompts nedan körts genom DALL-E 3 i ChatGPT Plus. Hoppas du gillart!

Create an editorial-style photograph of a magnificent fish underwater, featuring a lightbulb in its mouth. The lightbulb should be attached to a string originating from the fish’s forehead for added visual interest.

Ovanstående prompt fast med DALL-E 3:

Generate an image of a gigantic dinosaur sitting on a toilet in the middle of a road. The dinosaur should be in a relaxed position, comfortably seated on the toilet with its tail dangling over the side. The road should be a typical urban street.

Ovanstående prompt fast med DALL-E 3:

Imagine a tiny unicorn perched on a floating toilet in the middle of the sea.

Ovanstående med DALL-E 3:

Imagine a tiny unicorn perched on a floating toilet in the middle of the sea. The unicorn should be adorable, with a slender, shimmering body and a flowing mane and tail in vibrant colors. The toilet should be a whimsical, miniature version, equipped with delicate details like seashell decorations and intricate patterns. Surrounding the toilet, the vast expanse of the sea stretches as far as the eye can see, its sparkling blue waters meeting the horizon. The unicorn should appear content and at ease, as if enjoying its serene and unusual bathroom location. Feel free to add additional elements, such as distant islands, seagulls, or a magical sunset, to enhance the scene. Let your imagination run wild!

Imagine an astronomically large unicorn walking on the busy busy street of New York.