2016 Skoda Octavia RS TDI 184 hk/ps – CarTestr Review

Great family car with lots of interior space, VW quality in all the panels, dash board etc. Great diesel engine, works best when you overtake other vehicles and not so much when you are looking to drive fast on twisty roads.

The Skoda Octavia RS is a spacious family hauler. The Skoda is also a sleeper, with nothing more than the badges to reveal a very competent engine. Overtaking is very easy with this engine and if you are pulling something heavy you should be fine too.

Skoda Octavia RS badge

The downsides with this car is that it is kind of boring on the inside. It has a standard VW/Skoda dashboard and even if you get red stitching on the seats and the steering you are a long way from a true sports car feeling.

On the upside you are in a great family car with enough room for everybody + you get a decent sized cargo space. This is probably a car for the family man looking to buy something powerful yet not something that will attract too much attention.

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