2016 BMW 118d – CarTestr Review

No surprises here. The BMW 118d is what you would expect from a BMW. Safe to drive, excellent interior quality, great handling and that premium feel.

If you are into sports cars this BMW is a boring experience. If you enjoy compact cars for commuting and city driving this BMW is nearly perfect.


The BMW 118d is a good looking premium compact. The car tested here was equipped with cream white leather upholstery and lovely looking fine-wood ”Fineline” interior trim. The dashboard is familiar and everything is easy to find. Nothing to complain about in the cockpit.


If you put yourself in the rear seat you´ll notice that you are not riding in a Skoda Superb. It’s tight but fit two adults with ease. You’ll also notice that you are somewhat limited if you plan to haul lots of cargo. If that is the case, perhaps a larger BMW is what you should buy.

On the road this BMW is predictable although a bit slow, 150 hk/ps is not that much. I have driven the larger BMW X4 20d and that engine combined with the 8-speed automatic gearbox is much easier to drive.

If you decide on a BMW 118d you are not doing it because you are looking for engine power, you are probably buying the BMW 118d because you want a VW Gold-sized car with a premium touch.