2015 MINI Cooper S – JCW Pro Tuning Kit – CarTestr Review

MINI Cooper S with more-than-stock-power in the John Cooper Works pro tuning edition is an evil car. The car is fairly light and when you combine than with a strong turbo-charged engine, superb handling, a really fast gearbox, and the twin exhaust – you are in for loads of fun.


First impression – Wow!
This is such an awesome looking car. This is a car that demand to be driven and when you do, you are in for a tons of fun. If you are looking for a city car, this is the car for you. If you are looking for a city car that you can race with, this is the car for you. If you want to haul lots of cargo and all your friends, you must live in a suitcase and be a loner.

This MINI Cooper S was fitted with the John Cooper Works Pro Tuning Kit (hence it has five doors, not three). What that means is that the original engine is tweaked and given an extra 19 horses. Added on top of that is a sport exhaust system that sounds amazing. You can hear this car coming a mile away (if driven hard).

This MINI was part of the 2015 Sweden Car Blogger´s Awards where it was force-driven by most participants. You just can’t stop yourself from playing with the paddles and listen to the rally car sound from the twin pipe exhaust.